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    For a summary of the purpose and intent of the recent 2014 PUB 1075 changes, click here.

    Additional Requirements for Publication 1075 Safeguarding requirements may be supplemented or modified between editions of Publication 1075 by guidance issued by the Office of Safeguards.

    Federal OCSS

    Please click here to access the Federal OCSS site.

    Child Support Funding for Tribes Now Available from the Federal Government

    New regulations (45 CFR 309), published March 30, 2004, provide information for tribes on developing and operating their own child support programs. Tribes who are interested can apply for funding from the federal government to establish and operate a child support program.

    The regulations outline the requirements a Tribe must meet to qualify for federal funding.

    • 100% funding for new programs, up to $250,000 per year for two (2) years, not to exceed $500,000, with no tribal match required. Start-up finding is for Tribes to develop a child support program that will allow them to meet all the regulation requirements of a comprehensive child support program.
    • 90% funding, with a 10% tribal match, for the first three years for tribes who meet all the federal requirements and are operating a comprehensive child support program as prescribed in the regulations.
    • 80% funding, with a 20% tribal match, beginning the fourth year as a comprehensive program and each year thereafter providing the tribe continues to meet federal requirements.

    The funding is available from the US Department of Health & Human Services, Administration for Children & Families, Office of Child Support Enforcement.

    The Office of Child Support Enforcement has added a Tribal Child Support Computer-Based Training module to their website at:

    This page helps NTCSA members get needed resources. Check out the links to numerous tribal/federal/child support sites, find out more about currently funded tribal programs, look up frequently asked questions, and discover other helpful materials.

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